Retreat Schedule


6:35 pm Music

7:00       Welcome/Rosary – Praise be Jesus Christ, Now and forever!

7:30       Mass, Homily – A Retreat with Jesus Christ, and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

8:45       Short Break

9:00       Talk – Who is Jesus Christ?

“Whoever sees the Son and believes in Him shall have eternal life.” Jn 6:40

9:30        Music, Meditation, Adoration

10:15       Closing

All Night Adoration



8:30 am     Music

9:00           Morning Prayer

9:30           Talk – The Eucharist (Jesus leaves His body and blood for us)

“I Am the Bread of Life” Jn 6:35

10:00         Mass, Homily – The Eucharist and the Paschal Mystery

“This is the bread that comes down from Heaven.” Jn 6:58

11:00         Workshops with snack in room

12:00 pm   Music

12:15         Talk – Examination of Conscience and the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Since Jesus died for us, we should strive to be holy/clean)

“I will not reject anyone who comes to Me.” Jn 6:37

12:45         Silent Adoration/Reflection

1:00           Lunch

1:45           Music

2:00           Talk – Gift of the Holy Spirit (God sends his spirit to be with us)

“It is the Spirit that gives life, the flesh has nothing to offer.”  Jn 6:63

2:30           Music

3:00           Talk – The Call to Holiness (Examples of Holiness via the Saints)

3:30          Workshops with snack in room

4:30           International Rosary

5:00           Dinner with Vocations Q&A

6:15           Music

6:45          Testimonies

7:30           Restroom/Stretch Break

7:45           Meditation, Adoration

8:15           Eucharistic Procession/Prayer Service

9:00           Closing

All Night Adoration


8:00 am      Music

8:15            Morning Prayer

8:30            Talk – Mary, Our Mother (Our Mother leads us to Christ and Heaven)

“Do whatever He tells you.” Jn 2:5

9:00            Short Break

9:30            Rosary

10:00          Benediction and Reposition of the Blessed Sacrament

10:15          Crowning of Mary

10:30          Mass, Homily – Witnessing to Christ (Evangelization)

“The words I have spoken are Spirit and Life.” Jn 6:63

12:00 pm     Closing