Guidelines for All Chaperones, DREs and Catechists

The John 6:35 Eucharistic Youth Retreat is for anyone 13 to 18 years old. All participants must be chaperoned by an adult over 25. For groups, there must be one chaperone for every eight participants.
The following are the expectations we ask that each adult with young people in their care keep in mind during the weekend:

  • Each chaperone must be responsible for 8 or fewer specific students and know who they are and where they are at all times … they are not just with “the group”
  • Chaperones MUST BE 25 years of age or older and approved by their parish or the Diocese of Raleigh. Chaperones must have successfully completed Child Safety Class and had a background check.
  • Instruct the young people, by word and example, in the proper etiquette & respect one must show in the Presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament & due to the priests, religious brothers and sisters, and other adult team members that have worked, and prayed to make this weekend for them. Courtesy means that there is to be no talking during presentations/prayer and Mass.Examples of proper etiquette – Genuflecting before the Blessed Sacrament,
    “Yes, Father. No thank you, Father”
    Respectful of speakers – quiet during their presentations.
    No public displays of affection.
  • NO walking into WOODS or off school grounds – Chaperones please tell students that if any are found wandering off the site they will be sent home period!!! No 2nd chances.
  • No gum during Mass.
  • No leaving during Mass or procession unless emergency.
  • Please remember during this retreat, to pay close attention to the youth. Distracting behavior can make it hard for others to listen and pray. Although chaperones want to pray as well and it is so easy to get absorbed in prayer, remember the youth are our first responsibility.
  • Please be aware of the schedule of events and make sure the participants are in the correct place in a timely fashion.
  • Students may not lie down on the ground during talks. Be mindful of the postures/positions of your youth and modesty in coverage of clothing – as not to distract others from Christ.
  • Cell phones, iPods, tablets, etc., should be turned off during the retreat. We hope that the participants and chaperones will use this weekend to get away from every day and spend some quality time with God. If an emergency arises that requires the use of a cell phone, the cell phone should be used outside of the main meeting location.
  • Chaperones are free to remind any young person of proper behavior…not just their own group… This helps to keep the youth focused on The Lord, so they will be better able to ‘hear Him.’
  • Chaperones should remind students about temperance at breaks; one snack and drink per person.
  • These simple common sense guidelines make for a more fulfilling retreat with Jesus for all

*Thank you so very much for giving your time to our next generation of believers.*